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ArtworkHalf-bodySplash Art


SkebYou provide a character with a short idea and references and I have the freedom to choose the composition, posing and slight clothes alterations - detailed backgrounds can be requested.This commission type is great if you want a character, but don't know the specifics of what you want.IllustrationCharacter with a full background included and can have different variations (nude, different outfits, etc)

Headshot Icons100€-
Art Thumbnails120€-

EmotesSize: 128px can be used on Twitch, Discord/etc. All sizes needed for usage will be provided.ChibisCute small-sized characters! Squishy and smoll.Headshot IconsSquare headshot of the character Great for profile pictures on social media (Discord, Twitter, Twitch...)Art ThumbnailsPurely artwork made for video thumbnails For YouTube/Vimeo/etc. Does NOT include design (text, borders...)


  • PricingBase pricing is for reference and the artwork might have a higher price if the order is complex, has additional characters, variations or detailed backgrounds.

  • Extra Characters90% of asked price added to the base price approximately.

  • NSFW/LewdNo extra cost and can be requested for all "Artwork" categories & Video Thumbnails.

  • Illustration Outfit VariationsStarting at 150€ and base is nude if requesting alternate outfits.

  • Canvas SizeIf you need a specific canvas size let me know beforehand, artworks are over 2000px.

  • Commercial RightsFull rights to monetize the commission yourself in Patreon content, merchandise, etc will come at a fee equal to the value of the commission (example: a 300€ commissioned artwork + 300€ commercial rights for a total value of 600€ paid)

Request Form

  • Character name and source

  • Reference images

  • Any relevant details or specifications needed

  • Personality or crucial traits *

  • Pose/facial expression (if you want something specifically) *

  • Alternate versions info (if you want these) *

  • Deadline *

* Not required if it doesn't apply/you don't have this info



Vtuber Model-4000€


ChibiTuberChibi character for streaming Includes open/closed mouth - can have extras added to it (items, expressions, etc)PNGTuberStatic, stylized character for streaming Includes open/closed mouth - can have extras as well.VtuberArtwork ready for rigging This service includes editing/fixing support your rigger needs until the model is done.

Character Sheet400€700€
Design & Character Sheet1000€1300€

Character SheetShowcase of your character For existing characters already established without needing a design.Design & Character SheetDesigning a character from scratch Creating and showcasing a brand new character.

Info Vtuber Model (TBD)

  • Includes base model + cutting for rigging + commercial prices.

  • Additional outfits and hairstyles can be requested.

  • Simple emotes/toggles can be requested.

  • Complex emotes and arm toggles can be requested.

  • Character or outfit design can be requested.

Info Character Sheet/Design & Character Sheet (TBD)

  • The basic service covers the showcasing of the character, with a front and back view of the character, along with one key element displayed.

  • The full service includes the base, along with a (+) side view, a few expression samples, and two or more key elements showcased - the main difference is the amount of detail shown in the final character sheet.


  • When commissioning Vtubing material, a Work In Progress (WIP) will be sent for revision - you can ask for changes at this stage.

  • After confirming the sketch, future major changes will incur a fee for each change, so please review the sketch carefully.

Request Form

  • Character name & references

  • Outfit references

  • Toggles needed

  • Deadline

Terms of Service


  • Hate art, vore, mecha, extreme fetishes or anything that might be too far from what I usually illustrate.

2. pricing

  • All prices listed on my website are in Euros (EUR) and are considered to be starting prices. Payments must be in EUR.

  • Your cost may be higher depending on the details of the Commission.

  • Payment means that you agree with the cost of the Commission.

3. Payment

  • After accepting your Commission, you will receive a quote and I will invoice you through WISE or Paypal.

  • If using Paypal, there will be an extra fee due to Paypal's taxes.

  • Payments received outside of these invoices will be treated as a tip.

  • All payment is to be made up front before any work begins. Payment plans can be made for Commissions if needed.

4. Delivery

  • Due to the nature of the services provided, I cannot provide a specific completion time, but I will happily give time estimates on request based on your specific Commission.

  • If you need something that is due at a specific date (for example, an event that is five days away), I will charge a Rush job fee. When paid, you will be bumped to the top of the queue and the Commission will take priority.

6. Refunds

  • I reserve the right to deny or cancel the Service for any reason (including none). In such an instance, you will get a full refund.

  • Once work has began, no refunds can be made.

7. Artwork Rights

  • I reserve the rights of the artwork, I can use the Commission to promote myself and for Patreon rewards, Gumroad, portfolios, showcases, business cards, price lists examples and streams, unless it’s a (paid for) private Commission.

  • Commissions are strictly not for commercial-use unless a separate commercial-use agreement has been made. Inquire further for details.

  • Commercial-use includes but is not limited to selling, reproducing, or making merchandise from the Commissioned art.

8. Order Process

  1. Provide any important reference needed, I also take written reference.

  2. I will show you the sketch and do editing if needed

  3. Final approval, then final product delivery happens.

  • During the sketching process, you can ask for editing at this stage.

  • When the Sketch is approved, any additional changes will require an extra fee, depending on the case.

  • I have the right to refuse any requests that would significantly alter the Commission price.

  • I will offer Works in Progress (WIPs) per request, and when I deem it appropiate.


  • This Terms of Service is subject to change without notice.

  • Last updated April 25th, 2023.