Character Illustrator

Hallo! I'm an artist, ASMR creator & streamer.
My main art focus is anime-styled female characters.
Find my artworks & commissions info here!

Commission Status:
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Art Commissions

01 - Skebs

Base pricing: 300€
Choose a character and choose between SFW or NSFW

The Artist will choose the scene and how to draw the character, and might include slight clothes alterations as well.Lewd requests will be fullfilled with softcore NSFW.Example skeb request:
I would like to request a drawing of my Vtuber avatar, she is a dog girl. I'd like for the artwork to be SFW

02 - Illustration

Base pricing: 400€
Choose a character with their respective scene & pose.

The Commissioner will choose the scene and how to draw the character, along with possible detailed backgrounds or extra details.The Illustration can be SFW or NSFW.Variations are available to request if wanted, such as nude, extra outfits, etc.

Base pricing is for reference and the artwork might have a higher price if the order is complex, has additional characters, variations or detailed backgrounds.
For extra characters, 90% of asked price added to the base price approximately.
No extra cost for lewd commissions added.
Commercial Rights Full rights to monetize the commission yourself in Patreon content, merchandise, etc will come at a fee equal to the value of the commission (example: a 300€ commissioned artwork + 300€ commercial rights for a total value of 600€ paid)

Request Form

Character name and source
Reference images
Any relevant details or specifications needed
Personality or crucial traits *
Pose/facial expression (if you want something specifically) *
Alternate versions info (if you want these) *
Deadline *
* Not required if it doesn't apply/you don't have this info


Terms Of Service


  • Hate art, vore, mecha, extreme fetishes or anything that might be too far from what I usually illustrate.


  • All prices listed on my website are in Euros (EUR) and are considered to be starting prices. Payments must be in EUR.

  • Your cost may be higher depending on the details of the Commission.

  • Payment means that you agree with the cost of the Commission.

3. Payment

  • After accepting your Commission, you will receive a quote and I will invoice you through WISE or Paypal.

  • If using Paypal, there will be an extra fee due to Paypal's taxes.

  • Payments received outside of these invoices will be treated as a tip.

  • All payment is to be made up front before any work begins. Payment plans can be made for Commissions if needed.


  • Due to the nature of the services provided, I cannot provide a specific completion time, but I will happily give time estimates on request based on your specific Commission.

  • If you need something that is due at a specific date (for example, an event that is five days away), I will charge a Rush job fee. When paid, you will be bumped to the top of the queue and the Commission will take priority.


  • I reserve the right to deny or cancel the Service for any reason (including none). In such an instance, you will get a full refund.

  • Once work has began, no refunds can be made.


  • I reserve the rights of the artwork, I can use the Commission to promote myself and for Patreon rewards, Gumroad, portfolios, showcases, business cards, price lists examples and streams, unless it’s a (paid for) private Commission.

  • Commissions are strictly not for commercial-use unless a separate commercial-use agreement has been made. Inquire further for details.

  • Commercial-use includes but is not limited to selling, reproducing, or making merchandise from the Commissioned art.


  • Provide any important reference needed, I also take written reference.

  • I will show you the sketch and do editing if needed

  • Final approval, then final product delivery happens.

  • During the sketching process, you can ask for editing at this stage.

  • When the Sketch is approved, any additional changes will require an extra fee, depending on the case.

  • I have the right to refuse any requests that would significantly alter the Commission price.

  • I will offer Works in Progress (WIPs) per request, and when I deem it appropiate.

These Terms of Service are subject to change without notice.
Last updated April 25th, 2023.